Clifton Scientific Trust has a new vision for science education

Working with schools which enables students of all ages and backgrounds to encounter the challenge of real life scientific questioning, exploration and application

  • which gives school science meaning and motivation
  • which develops skills for life through science and engineering
  • which addresses issues of citizenship and career choice
  • which presents science and engineering as a cultural bridge


locally, nationally and internationally


We welcome your interest in our two headline programmes

  • UK-Japan Young Scientists Programme with sixth form/senior high school students from Britain and Japan, which has been running with British and Japanese scientists and engineers since 2001
  • Meet-a-Medic Programme which has been running with Bristol Primary Schools and medical students which has been running since 2006.

Both programmes have great impact on the students involved and have the potential to be implemented more widely.  We raise funds to enable students to take part who would not otherwise be able to.

Learn about our work at the ASE Annual Conference Birmingham on 12 January 2019 click here

Clifton Scientific Trust is registered as a charity in England and Wales 1086933

Published by Clifton Scientific Trust in 1995, Scientific Research in Schools was one of the first documents to bring together inspirational examples of student led scientific research in schools across the country and contains much information and advice which remains valuable today.  A limited number of copies are still available on request.

Please click here for more information Scientific Research in Schools